Here’s to the festive winter...

By Iqra Sarfaraz & Adeela Akmal
Tue, 10, 18

Want to know the hottest beauty trends? Brace yourselves as this week You! highlights some key hair, makeup and accessories straight from the runway of the recently concluded Fashion Pakistan Week...


Want to know the hottest beauty trends? Brace yourselves as this week You! highlights some key hair, makeup and accessories straight from the runway of the recently concluded Fashion Pakistan Week...

Huma Adnan features chunky & traditional jewellery of ‘Craft Stories’ for her collection, ‘Tales of Dheradun’.

Festivities mean more glitz and glam, and when the wedding season is round the corner, every girl is surfing for interesting ideas to look at her best. Well, we are talking about spontaneous happy hours, weddings and parties; these are the events which call for some amazing formal and flashy clothes at the same time. For gals who want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest hair, makeup and accessories, here are some of the best ones from this year’s Fashion Pakistan Week - Winter/festive 2018...

Aamna Aqeel’s trendy ‘Dazzling Dames’ was best paired with Nazneen Tariq’s version of chokers: hasli.

At face value

Matte over dewy

When it comes to winter weddings, everyone seems to opt for a dewy shimmer base which does make your skin look healthy and radiant. However, while it looks beautiful, a matte looks just as pretty. Keeping the skin natural with a hint of highlight helps accentuate your features.

Shimmer eyes

This is a trend that remains timeless and complements any formal look. Whether you’re wearing something heavy or trendy, a soft glam look for your eyes is the way to go.

You can either go for bold shimmery eyes to add some oomph to a chic ensemble, or a soft shimmer, something along the lines of rose gold, that will suit best a heavily embroidered bridal.

Dramatic liner

A heavy eye shadow isn’t the only way to draw attention to your eyes. A dramatic liner not only makes your eyes look a little bigger, but also requires less effort for a similar impact.

Side-swept curls best complemented Wardha Saleem’s ‘Chand Bala’.

Subtle eyes & red lips

Isn’t this look really something? We certainly thought so, and the process of putting it all together is actually much simpler than you first may have thought. Throw your base on, whatever works for you right now, and add a regular smokey eye look, as you usually would.

 Once you’re done though, blend it well for a subtle, nice finish. To define your pout well, put a sexy red shade to add some drama to your winter look. At the runway, Lajwanti’s soft eyes and bold red lips did the same trick so much so, that we started swooning over it.

Sheer lips

If you’re not ready to dive into the vibrant world of reds and oranges, we have something a bit more subtle for you. Maheen Khan took a more neutral approach to lipstick with a shade that wasn’t quite nude, but wasn’t quite pink or red either. 

Mehreen Syed exudes elegance in sensuous curls for Zainab Chottani’s ‘Khwab’.

Between the two you get this gorgeous, understated sheer lip colours that can make you look glamorous.

Hair & there

Dishevelled bun/top knot

The hairstyles for Wardha Saleem’s ‘Chand Bala’ collection best exemplified this look. The buns are very good for summers, up and away but they exude very formal feels in winter too. The dishevelled buns exude a soft and effortless vibe. 

Whereas, the top knots look fresh and edgy, but with the addition of soft tendrils on the face balances the face and creates an air of mystery.

Side-swept hair

Sweeping their hair over one shoulder is an almost natural movement of women with long hair. 

Hareem Farooq struts the ramp in Maheen Khan, sporting top knot with sheer lips.

Allowing straight, wavy or curly hair to freely cascade or extend in artful traces over one shoulder results in a delightfully soft appearance. 

A similar sight was at Huma Adnan’s collection ‘Tales of Dheradun’. You may like to try one of the many versions of side-swept hairstyles from the runway collection and make your hair do the talking.


Maheen Karim’s ‘Lueur De Luxe’ collection presented a creative stance on hair-dos. 

Loose ponytails accentuated with the help of hair extensions created a dreamy vibe. Models were seen sporting the ponies which were fun and chic at the same time.

Loose curls/blow-dry

Fouzia Aman poses in a Tena Durrani ensemble, styled in a traditional low bun with flowers.

Zainab Chottani’s ‘Khwab’ featuring Mehreen Syed in a completely new avatar dazzled with her sensuous loose curls. The styling was aligned with the theme of the designs which very aptly depicted Chottani’s theory behind her dreamlike theme.

Accessorise your hair - flowers/golden bobby pins

One way to really glamorise your entire look is to accessorise your hair. Your accessories will speak for you at any event. 

While Tena Durrani’s ‘Rara Avis’ was aptly styled with fresh flowers complementing the hair bun, Huma Adnan’s segment featured a unique way to utilise simple bobby pins to create an intricate hair look.

Adorn yourself

Loose ponytails eccentuated a dreamy vibe for Maheen Karim’s ‘Lueur De Luxe’.

The chunkier the better

Tena Durrani, Huma Adnan and Lajwanti excelled in giving us some major style goals. 

While most will shy away from pairing bold and heavily embroidered dresses with chunky jewellery pieces, these designers changed the game by introducing a new way of adorning chunky jewellery with grace.

Time to hasli

If you are looking for something different than the chunky trend, there is still something that is more up your street. 

Nazneen Tariq’s custom designed jewellery for Aamna Aqeel’s segment was sleek, trendy and quite different from the conventional style. 

“I am not into conventional jewellery, so we wanted something that was a breath of fresh air and really accentuates the fabric of the collection. The jewellery was a mixture of metals, with gold, silver and copper. 

Lajwanti pairs regal jewellery with heavily embroidered dresses for its segment, ‘Rivaaj’.

Rather than going for chokers, we opted for hasli which has a trendier and fun vibe; and complemented the modern and western designs for the show,” explains Nazneen.



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