The inspiring Hasnain Vali Karimi

By Tooba Ghani
Fri, 02, 22

Us brings to its readers a conversation with Hasnain ...

The inspiring Hasnain Vali Karimi


Crowned Mr. Australia 2020 and Mr. NSW 2020 by International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB), Hasnain Vali Karimi has become an inspiration for all youngsters who want to get into the exciting world of bodybuilding and fitness. Us brings to its readers a conversation with Hasnain …

Tell us about yourself. What got you started in this industry?

I was brought up in Karachi and I developed my passion for fitness at the age of 14 when I first stepped into the gym. Without any guidance and knowledge, I was able to achieve my fitness goals. I also ended up getting several injuries, but I did not give up.

No one in my family was related to fitness; no one ever took exercise seriously. My father had 11 siblings and, almost everyone was diabetic. Being aware of the health situation in my family, I became careful about my eating habits and exercise routine. So, this led me to pursue a career in bodybuilding and fitness.

Tell Us more about your background in bodybuilding. What titles have you won, and what has been your greatest moment in the sport?

I joined a gym in 2011 in Sydney and have never looked back since. In 2015, I realised I couldn’t be a nine to five guy and as such took on bodybuilding and fitness as a career and started training in 2017 with a professional trainer and coach. Before 2017, I was training on my own. But I was not able to achieve much. Yes, though I was not able to meet certain fitness goals at that time, I was constantly learning from my mistakes and as a result I got better.

These are the titles I have won:

7th April 2018: 2 silver medals in Central coast

6th May 2018: 1 Gold and 1 Silver in Wollongong

20th May 2018: 2 silver medals in State Championship.

The inspiring Hasnain Vali Karimi

Under 70 Kg category: Mr Australia 2020

1 Gold for Nationals

1 Gold for State Championship

Novice bodybuilding category: Mr Australia 2020

1 Gold for Nationals

1 Gold for State Championship

Classic bodybuilding Category:

1 Silver for Nationals

1 Silver for State Championship

My greatest moment in Bodybuilding was when I won Mr Australia title on my debut.

What do you love about the sport?

It’s a non-contact sport; you can only beat the other opponents by getting better. It is super challenging and you need to lose fat to the bone.

How can families support young people getting into the industry, especially in Pakistan?

Parents can support by building a fitness culture in their families and getting their young kids a decent coach who is qualified enough to teach them what to do. Plus, parents must follow the protocols of healthy lifestyle.

Parents ought to realise that kids don’t listen to what they say, they do what they see.

The inspiring Hasnain Vali Karimi

As a bodybuilder, how would you describe your diet?

My diet varies from season to season. If I am bulking, I would eat big meals, and six to seven times a day. Calorie’s intake of 4000 to 5000 per day is normal for me.

For maintenance I consume around 2800 to 3200 calories per day.

My diet consists of oats, berries, bananas, eye fillet, barramundi, chicken breast, sweet potatoes, basmati rice and a lot of water.

I prefer to consume my calories from real food.

What weight and age were you when you started training for bodybuilding? What are your current statistics?

I was around 53 Kgs when I took my health seriously in 2011; now I weigh 75kgs with better muscle quality.

What training and nutrition methods gave you the greatest bodybuilding results?

I was fortunate enough to find a great coach who helped me with my nutrition and workout plans. Hypertrophy style training gave me the best results.

Do you think supplements are important when it comes to bodybuilding and training? Do you use supplements? If yes, what results have these given you?

Yes, they work but there is a purpose for it. Supplements can never replace your meals. You only use them when you are unable to meet the required calorie intake.

I use Rule 1 Protein, BCAA from Genetix and multi vitamins from Swiss Energy.

Do you consider yourself strong-minded? How does this mindset influence your life?

Yes, mindset is everything. Strong mindset made me a champion.

The inspiring Hasnain Vali Karimi

What other qualities do you have, that have helped you reach your goals?

I never gave up on anything. That never giving up attitude helped me become a champion.

Speaking of champions, who do you admire in the world of bodybuilding/fitness and why?

I admire Arnold Schwarzenegger for his mindset and dedication and Imran Khan (PM of Pakistan) for his commitment. These two legends are a great example of self-belief.

Training requires a lot of time. What hobbies and interests do you have to balance out your life?

I love reading and hiking. I have interest in sports science. I invest a lot of time in researching and learning.

What would you like to achieve in fitness/bodybuilding in the long term?

I want to create a legacy and inspire people to look after their health.

If I get an opportunity, I will fight for a world championship.

The inspiring Hasnain Vali Karimi

Who/what are some of your biggest inspirations in bodybuilding?

All Old School Body Builders.

What resources on the web would you recommend our readers check out?



Check this website:

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Keep it simple; don’t make things complicated. Listen to your coach and learn from your mistakes.