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Another important way to leverage your alumni network is to volunteer for a role that gives you an excuse to be in touch with other classmates....

Shoes for “everyday heroes”

Nike Air Zoom Pulse is an athletic shoe designed for those in the medical profession. The company went to a Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon, to study those in the profession. They took into account the challenges of those on the job - including long hours on their feet and liquid spills - and the comfort needed for long shifts.

This laceless shoe is designed like a clog, but is just made more athletic. The fit, cushioning and traction systems work together to secure the foot in all hospital conditions.

Make the most of your alumni network

It makes all the sense in the world to invest in cultivating your alumni network. Yet many professionals don’t take the time, or are unsure how to proceed. By following the strategies below, you can deepen your ties to fellow alums in a way that feels natural and comfortable – while creating the possibility for meaningful new opportunities.

First, provide an annual update to your alumni database. It makes you findable by other alumni in similar fields or with related interests. If you’re launching a startup, for instance, a short update might well pique the interest of a fellow alum who’s now a VC. And it provides an easy opportunity for existing contacts with whom you’ve fallen out of touch.

Another important way to leverage your alumni network is to volunteer for a role that gives you an excuse to be in touch with other classmates. For example, serving as a class reunion chair and launching an alumni breakfast speaker series.

Finally, another great way to tap alumni connections is to share your professional expertise. Universities are desperate to keep their alumni connected, so they strive to offer resources that add value throughout one’s career. Alumni offices will frequently host professional development webinars; you could volunteer to lead one, exposing hundreds or even thousands of fellow graduates to your expertise (even those who don’t attend will receive promotional messages featuring your name and bio).

Staying grounded in stressful moments

Lots of research has shown that paying attention to our bodies can be an easy way to reduce stress while it’s happening. This may seem counterintuitive because when our mind is overwhelmed, our body is often the last thing we’re thinking about. Yet if we focus our attention on our bodies, they can be our anchor in what’s happening right now, because our bodies are the quickest, surest way back to the present moment when our minds are lost in rehashing the past or rehearsing the future. So the next time you’re finding yourself overwhelmed, take one intentional breath and follow it into your body. Become aware of how you feel physically and also emotionally. If you acknowledge and recognize unpleasant emotions, they have less power to cause you distress.

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