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Abdullah Qureshi impresses with new music video, ‘Laapata’

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Wed, 07, 19

Having made a name for himself with several singles, particularly impressing with ‘Kali Santro’, the singer-songwriter is back with a music video called ‘Laapata’ that is fast gaining momentum, picking up over 60,000 hits on YouTube alone since premiering this summer. Unlike past music videos, ‘Laapata’, directed by Imaad Ahmed, is totally animated. It has both a narrative and the harshness of reality merged together to form what is clearly one of the better songs to release this year.

The music video follows the story of a young girl looking out the windows of a house in a snow-covered space. She keeps looking until a crow sits down on the windowsill.

The crow flies away evading a dog; it inspires her to step outside the house and runaway following the animals in the snow-filled mountains. She follows them until they come across a tree while she is thrown in a pit, invaded by memories. The little girl walks around, climbing her way back up and finds a a cave where she finds a waterfall. What and who does she find? A father? A loved one? What is she looking for and does she find it? Watch the video to find the answers. But, it has to be said, not since the animated ‘Teri Parchaiyaan‘ [by Ali Azmat], directed by Zeeshan Parwez, has one come across a music video carrying this sentiments of loss and love, complementing the fantastic melancholic ambient rock song. ‘Laapata’ does just that. Check it out.