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Presenting Yasir Hussain

By Zainab Mossadiq
Sun, 03, 24

Love him or loathe him for his outspoken views andopinionated statements, but you certainly can’t ignore him – such is the irresistible charisma of Yasir Hussain.


Yasir Hussain is a hugely popular actor, director, screenwriter, playwright and host.Image credits: Umer Mushtaq (Coordinator), Raza Jaffri (Photographer), Masarrat Misbah (Hair and Makeup), and PR (Catwalk).

Yasir Hussain is a hugely popular actor, director, screenwriter, playwright and host.

Image credits: Umer Mushtaq (Coordinator), Raza Jaffri (Photographer), Masarrat Misbah (Hair and Makeup), and PR (Catwalk).

In an entertainment industry where scripted personas often overshadow genuine authenticity, there emerges a rare breed of fearless individuals who defy the norm, baring their souls with an unfiltered candor. At the top of the list is Yasir Hussain, a talented individual who has carved a niche in the hearts of audiences through his honesty and unparalleled charisma.

For most of us, it’s Yasir’s irrepressible wit and infectious humor that truly defines him. Whether he’s eliciting laughter with his comedic timing or stirring hearts with his moving performances, Yasir has managed to cement a name for himself in the industry, and from the looks of it, he is here to stay.

Yasir’s journey began on the stages of theater, where he honed his craft with dedication and passion. Some of his notable projects included Bombay Dreams, Ponay 14 August, and Naach Na Jaanay among others.

Yasir’s star continued to ascend as he explored his creative skills in different mediums. He sparingly appeared in television dramas and telefilms and made his silver screen debut in 2015 in the film Karachi Se Lahore, which heralded a new chapter in his career. As the lovable Moti, Yasir charmed his way into the hearts of audiences, earning accolades and acclaim, including the award for Best Supporting Actor at the LUX Style Awards.

A man of many talents, Yasir is a force to be reckoned with. Over his decade-and-a-half long career, he has explored different territories to express his artistic creativity, including comedy, screenwriting, and direction.

Now, with his latest cinematic venture, Taxali Gate, Yasir once again breaks the mold, portraying the unconventional lead role of a pimp with audacious determination. As the film performs decently at the box office, Yasir reflects backs on his performance in Taxali Gate and other notable projects, while hinting at what’s brewing next.

As Yasir chats about his work, of course, he opens with Taxali Gate. Reminiscing about the time he took on the unconventional role of a pimp in the film, the actor gives us an insight into preparing for the role.

“My background is in theater, and I have done most work there,” Yasir shares. “When you are preparing for a role in theater, you understand its depth, and you even meet those people whose character you are playing. So, for this role, I tried to adopt all these methods. For all my characters, I try to change my appearance and even how I walk.”

He jokingly adds, “Now I wouldn’t give away the trade secrets.”

When it comes to choosing projects, Yasir confesses that the script takes precedence and he instantly agrees after hearing the plot.

"I think the director or Ayesha's involvement wasn't a key factor [in signing the film]. Yes, I have a good bond with Ayesha on-screen and off-screen, and I learn a lot from her. I really liked the script of the film... in fact, I said yes to the project after listening to the plot and hadn't gone thr-ough the script yet."

Taxali Gate serves as a catalyst for critical conversations, a sentiment strongly echoed by Yasir Hussain. Reflecting on the film’s relevance, he muses, “I think the audience should learn from this film that they need to reflect and realize that we live in a male dominated society and we need to balance it.” Yasir underscores the film’s portrayal of crucial issues like rape and consent, and highlighted the need to understand that “No means no.”

Yasir emphasizes on how he deliberately aims to take on diverse range of characters and roles and explore various opportunities that come his way.

“My journey in the industry started with Karachi se Lahore, and I think I have tried to do different things since then. Of course, the character was the same in Karachi se Lahore and Lahore se Aagey since it was the same franchise.

I did Javed Iqbal and Taxali Gate, both of which offer different characters. I also did a horror comedy, Pechi Tu Dekho, which had an entirely different character. Now, for my future films, I am doing something entirely different.”

As Yasir continues to answer questions, you can see the raw self of Yasir being reflected in his answers. By no means is he in any fictitious world. He is as real as it gets. Yasir admits that being offered mostly unconventional roles since traditional hero characters are already taken and he picks his preference from what is offered.

“Out of all the films that are made in Pakistan, which I am offered, I choose among those. I want the films that I make to either make people laugh or give them some kind of message and the film is not just meaningless. I hope as more films are made, I am seen on screen more, but with the number of films that are being made in the country, I only get to do one.”

He further adds: “I do unconventional roles because those are offered to me. They don’t come to me for conventional roles, and when they are offered to me, I don’t let go of the opportunity. I think I am lucky to get these roles and I also look out for them.”

Despite Yasir’s notable work in different projects on television including Badshah Begum, Baandi, and Jhooti, he admits that he is not as ambitious about television dramas as he is about films.

“Yes, my preference for work is either films or theater. Television was never my preference. In my 14-year career, I have only done four to five drama serials to date. Had my preference been Television, I would have done more. People do these many projects in one year.”

Yasir makes interesting revelations when discussing new projects that are in the pipeline. What is clear is that his heart is set on doing something unique in terms of acting and expanding his work as a screenwriter and director.

“My focus is on direction, and I plan on directing a film this year. I am also writing this film. Hopefully, Karachi se Lahore 3 is also in the pipeline which I’m going to write.”

He also hints that he will be taking on some projects as a producer and director, which will also help him explore more diverse roles as an actor.

In the end, despite the gloomy state of the country, Yasir is optimistic, reiterating his faith in the entertainment industry and on how he is here for the long run.

“The hopes for the industry are high, especially if the government supports us. It can be a leading business and can generate a lot of revenue and can enhance our international image. I hope others also take this seriously because I am just going to do this work.”

“I think the audience should learn from this film (Taxali Gate) that they need to reflect and

realize that we live in a male dominated society and we need to balance it. No means no.”

– Yasir Hussain on the importance of consent