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Lights, camera, fashion!

By Zainab Mossadiq
Sun, 02, 24

Red carpets have been ablaze with star style as 2024 moves along.

Lights, camera, fashion!

It’s just the start of 2024, and we’re already on a rollercoaster ride! Speaking cinematically, of course, let’s not peek into the country’s other affairs, shall we? Barely two months into the year, and our film industry isn’t coming slow, with three big film releases, including Nayab, Taxali Gate, and Wakhri, each serving up its own unique flavor. But hold onto your popcorn because where there are big releases, there’s even bigger marketing. Welcome to the grand circus of film PR, where the goal is to grab the audience by the eyeballs and pull them into the cinematic universe. It’s a labor of love, sweat, and tears for many behind the scenes.

Now, what really steals the show in this whole shindig? Oh, it’s the glitz and glamour of our beloved actors making their grand entrances. Their wardrobe choices? Oh, they’re like the main course at a gossip buffet – sparking discussions faster than a cat video goes viral (okay, perhaps not that intense, but you get the picture).

As all the actors brought their A-game with the promotion fever that reigned in the past two months, let’s take a look at the looks they served.

Faryal Mehmood

Faryal Mehmood wearing Khadija Batool at her film’s premiere.
Faryal Mehmood wearing Khadija Batool at her film’s premiere.

The true wakhri, Faryal Mehmood doesn’t hold back. Talk about staying true to oneself! Faryal rocked her wardrobe choices for the film Wakhri like the true star she is. Throughout the whirlwind of promotions, she served up some seriously chic looks that perfectly complemented her persona.

Faryal was in her girl-boss zone, strutting around in oversized blazers like she owns the place. One moment, she’s rocking a gray blazer and pants combo, and the next, she’s slaying in a white blazer that screams sophistication. Oh, and let’s not forget the all-black ensemble – leather pants, corset, and topped off with a hat that ties the whole look together. Talk about serving looks hotter than a Karachi summer.

At the grand premiere, she decided to make a fashion statement that left jaws dropping and cameras flashing. The actor donned a striking red corset, paired with a ruffled black skirt for that playful flair. And to top it all off, she had half-up hair and statement gold earrings that screamed glamor with a capital G.

Ah, what a breath of fresh air it was to witness the star boldly own her fashion choices, and take film promotion style to new heights in Pakistan. But, as they say, with great fame come... well, not always great comments.

Enter netizens, armed with their keyboards and an endless supply of criticism. Sure, a little banter here and there is all part of the social media circus, but when it gets personal, things become a little more alarming. Let us all realize that it’s imperative to separate the art from the artist, and remember that the artist can, will, and should exercise their right to choose, including their wardrobes. #LiveAndLetLive!

Yumna Zaidi

Yumna Zaidi has our nod of approval for her outfit choice for Nayab’s premier.
Yumna Zaidi has our nod of approval for her outfit choice for Nayab’s premier.

Yumna Zaidi dove headfirst into the dazzling world of cinema with her debut film’s promotion, embracing the glamor like a seasoned pro. From the get-go, she made a statement by sporting a personalized necklace bearing her character’s name, Nayab, adding a touch of flair to each of her distinct looks.

Yumna made sure to keep things fresh by blending desi charm with western elegance, creating fusion looks that left us all swooning. What stood out were her stunning white ensembles: from polka dot dresses to elegant kurtas, and even a smart \ white pantsuit with a matching blazer. And let’s not forget the array of saris she effortlessly adorned, ranging from classic black to vibrant florals.

Now, let’s address the tailored elephant in the room: the blazer fever that seemed to sweep through the promotion circuit. Yumna wasn’t immune to this trend, sporting a variety of blazers including sleek black and crisp white ones. But the stunner? Lama’s iconic pink blazer paired with loose pants, accessorized with flowing locks and statement earrings, proving once and for all that Yumna knows how to slay.

Yumna saved the best for last with a jaw-dropping Sania Maskatiya ensemble at the grand premiere. The actress wore a star-studded and embellished jacket draped over a pristine white blouse and skirt – a sight to behold, indeed.

Sure, there were a few hits and misses along the way, but kudos to Yumna for putting in the effort and embracing the world of styling with open arms.

Usama Khan

Usama Khan certainly turned heads with his bold and creative outfit selections for his debut film.
Usama Khan certainly turned heads with his bold and creative outfit selections for his debut film.

It’s safe to say that Usama Khan has taken the reins in setting a new benchmark for men’s fashion. In an era where the norm tends to be a switch-up of suit colors or the classic black shalwar kameez with a shawl (umm not that we’re complaining about shawls…hello Wahaj fans!), Usama has boldly stepped into the spotlight, ready to shake things up.

His go-to look was baggy sweatpants paired with polo-neck shirts, topped off with another buttoned-shirt and his signature round chain. And let’s not forget the accessories: sunglasses and caps adding that extra dash of flair. What truly set him apart was his fearless embrace of bold colors, ditching the typical black pants for a splash of vibrance.

Usama didn’t stop there. At the premiere, he opted for a sleek, well-fitted suit, proving that he’s not afraid to switch gears when the occasion calls for it. Here’s to Usama for daring to push the boundaries of men’s fashion and inspiring others to do the same.

Ayesha Omar

Lights, camera, fashion!

Hailed among the style icons of Pakistan, Ayesha Omar has held onto this title for years, and with good reason. With the release of her film Taxali Gate, where she not only plays the protagonist but also debuts as a producer, Ayesha knew she had to bring her A-game to the fashion front.

True to her signature style, Ayesha’s wardrobe choices were a reflection of her authentic self. From rocking shalwar kameez with effortless grace to donning tees adorned with the film’s name, she stayed true to her roots. And let’s not forget the ubiquitous blazer, for which all actresses received a memo, it seems.

But when it came to the film’s premiere, Ayesha didn’t just grace the red carpet – she owned it. She donned a stunning light-gold gown, with statement earrings that could rival the stars, hair tied back in a sleek ponytail, allowing the dress’s stunning neckline and puff sleeves to take centerstage. Confidence and style? And that, dear readers, is how you make heads turn and hearts flutter in the world of cinema.

The infusion of a sense of fashion for film promotions marks a delightful shift for our industry, providing designers and stylists with an additional creative canvas to explore. It’s an opportunity for our actors to captivate us with their looks and leave us in awe. However, as we gear up for the next round of promotions, we hope to see a greater embrace of desi looks on the red carpet. It’s high time our designers pushed the boundaries and experimented with red-carpet-worthy eastern wear, showcasing that fashion can indeed be conveyed with traditional outfits. Moreover, let’s encourage our actors to step out of their comfort zones and embark on a journey of self-expression through experimentation. After all, it’s the bold choices that truly make a statement on and off the silver screen.