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Abdullah Siddiqui on early beginnings

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Sat, 05, 19

Abdullah Siddiqui, the prodigious 18-year-old appeared on Nescafe Basement 5 with an original song and presented the electronic pop number in a band set-up, winning the season with it as the number one song, not necessarily in terms of views and likes but in terms of innovation and execution. Produced by Xulfi and in particular Jamal Rahman, the song has put him on the map and that’s not easy these days.

The original song, ‘Resistance’ which he released last year earned him a spot on the Best Emerging Artist list of the upcoming edition of the Lux Style Awards.

Since he is both the singer and songwriter of ‘Resistance’, Instep asked him what the song is really about. Having signed up with Forever South, he collaborated with some of their artists before releasing the beauty that is ‘Resistance’.

Speaking to Instep, Abdullah noted, “My song ‘Telescope Heart’ came out and that got a lot of attention particularly because CityFM89 played it a lot, like every day. Because of that people started looking me up and then I released ‘Fiction’ in 2017.”

When asked about how people interpret songs and find different meanings and what ‘Resistance’ is about poetically, Abdullah told Instep, “I do like the anonymity, I like that people get to project whatever meaning they want to.”

He added (in an earlier interview), “The song – what I wrote about – is that your experiences are not universal and the problems you have are self-created issues that are just a result of lack in perspective.”