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Curtain raiser: FPW Festive 2018

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By Instep Desk
Fri, 09, 18

Fashion Pakistan Week, starting today, will be setting festive trends for winter 2018-19.

Fashion Pakistan Week Festive 2018 is scheduled to begin in Karachi today. The three-day schedule is shorter than usual but has a decent lineup of designers, many of whom are darlings of the party circuit and therefore so relevant to the season. Karachi’s festive season, which begins in October and runs through elaborate weddings, charity galas and new year parties, is in fact decorated by many of these names.

It’s a fairly straightforward affair, with a two-day lineup of seven designers each, prominently Tena Durrani, Huma Adnan, Zainab Chottani, Aamna Aqeel, The Pink Tree Company, HSY, Wardha Saleem, Maheen Karim, Rano’s Heirlooms and finally, Maheen Khan. Day Three will feature a Deepak Perwani solo show, hosted by Ronak Lakhani, who’s one of the council’s prestigious board members. Needless to say, many of Karachi’s big players are missing in action, but with the fashion industry continuously divided between the PFDC Fashion Weeks, FP Fashion Weeks and fashion shows hosted by TV channels, this fragmentation is expected to continue until it is resolved.

Until then, one must be excited for those who are supporting the system.

Tena Durrani, an experienced name in wedding wear - who has also participated in the prestigious Swarovski Gala in Dubai - will be opening fashion week with Rara Avis, a collection inspired by a rare bird that can be compared to the confident and daring woman of today.

A name synonymous with FnkAsia, Huma Adnan will be showcasing her first wedding wear collection under her relatively new, eponymous brand. The collection, titled Dehradhun, is a tribute to her ancestral hometown. “I have never been to Dehradhun in India but having grown up to stories of the place, I dug up archives and recreated my vision of what it would be like,” the designer shared. “My collection is a mix of textile, colour and craft.” Huma will also be incorporating pieces from The Craft Stories, refugee craft that she is working with the UNHCR to create.

A clear indicator of fashion week is when premium gifts and giveaways start rolling in as goody bags, and a bag of chocolates and macaroons from Zainab Chottani set the premise for her collection, also showing on Day One. Khwab, she says, is a luxurious journey of dreams.

The Pink Tree Company stands out for its commitment to saving and safeguarding tradition and in the process, building an image for strong and outstanding women.

“The colour pink has been associated with the gentle, the soft and the feminine. It was the ‘girly’ colour. But then came along women who rescued the colour from this stereotype and turned it into the colour of empowerment, strength and fearlessness. One such group is the Gulabi Gang from central India.” - Nishtha Jain, filmmaker, Gulabi Gang.

Using this as its mood board, The PinkTree will pay tribute to Sampat Pal, Nishtha Jain and Gulabi Gang with its FPW Winter festive 2018 collection.

That definitely is one show to look forward to on day one and then there’s also the HSY finale, which has been promoted by an extremely sexy video introducing the collection.

Wardha Saleem’s Chandbaala is expected to bring around the designer’s love for colour and tradition. Inspired by engravings found within the ancient Ajanta caves, Chandbaala will ensure Day Two of Fashion Week begins on a high note.

Another collection to look forward to on the second day of fashion week is Maheen Karim’s Lueur de Luxe. Maheen has often joked that the Sindh Ball or the Special Olympics Ball – both hallmark Karachi winter traditions – are her fashion week and we’d have to agree; every second woman in the social circle opts to be dressed in the designer’s savvy take on luxury cocktail dresses and gowns. We’re happy to witness them on the fashion week runway. Closing the second day will be Pakistan’s Coco Chanel, Maheen Khan, whose understanding of fashion and design is undisputed. There’s always innovation in the simplicity of her designs and this will definitely be a strong finale.

Finally, on Day Three, fashion enthusiasts will experience what appears to be a grand finale and after party rolled into one. Deepak Perwani’s Madhaniyaan will recreate the traditional wedding and rest assured, his runway will be speckled with prominent models and star power.

– FPW Festive 2018 begins tonight; watch this space for daily reviews.