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Zenith Irfan says Motorcycle Girl is about more than just travelling

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By NewsBytes
Wed, 04, 18

Adnan Sarwar’s upcoming film Motorcycle Girl, scheduled to release on April 20, is a biopic on Zenith Irfan, the first woman to travel across Pakistan alone on a motorbike. Starring Sohai Ali Abro as the protagonist, the film takes inspiration from Zenith’s life with additional instances and some modifications where needed.

While the film is currently being promoted and Zenith has also been a part of the promotions to some extent, she recently took to social media to share her sentiments regarding Motorcycle Girl.

“I want you all to know that Motorcycle Girl is not just an average film about motorcycles or traveling, it’s a film about a daughter’s relationship with her father and how she connects with God while on a quest to find her father in the mountains,” she shared via her Facebook post.

“It’s not as easy as it looks,” she added. “It’s a special and personal moment for my family. I wonder how my father would have reacted to all of this. I know for sure he is looking down at us with a smile and at the same time, I am angry that he is not here with either me or Sultan to share this beautiful moment. I have not been sleeping or eating much. Honestly, I am kind of on the low side especially after I watch these clips from 1995, which were my last memories with abbu. Life can be unfair but at the same time majestic. It can gift you the most wonderful things one could have never imagined.”

Towards the end she asked viewers to not consider Motorcycle Girl as just a film but rather a “dream my father saw and how he hoped to ride across the world on a motorcycle.”

Based on Zenith’s life, the film features Ali Kazmi, Sarmad Khoosat and Samina Peerzada in important roles aside from Sohai who is currently in Lahore to promote the film.