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SNKM is more than a producer-rapper duo

Instep Today
By Maheen Sabeeh
Tue, 02, 18

Adil Omar and Talal Qureshi talk to Instep about their collaborative duo a night after Mad Decent Block Party 2018.


(Clockwise from top): Adil Omar, Talal Qureshi, Diplo, Chrome Sparks and Valentino Khan

Islamabad-based artists Adil Omar and Talal Qureshi, who also form the duo SNKM (Sonic Nocturnal Kinetic Movement), continue to push boundaries. After playing a kickass set during Mad Decent Block Party 2018 as SNKM as well as having played an integral role in bringing the overseas MDBP to Pakistan, the boys from Pakistan’s capital have no plans to slow down.

As SNKM, they’ve put out three songs so far, with ‘Motors’ and ‘Atomic Kitten’ backed by equally strong music videos. Part of their charm is they keep things fresh, interesting by always innovating. You never know what to expect from SNKM and that is their biggest strength.

SNKM will continue to release music as a duo, having played at Mad Decent Block Party abroad as well, circa 2017. Their solo careers will go on as well. Adil has plans to put a full-length album called Transcendence later this year while Talal has produced a song for Chingari (created in partnership with Red Bull).

Speaking to Instep in Islamabad a night after Mad Decent Block Party 2018, headlined by Diplo’s Major Lazer Soundsystem, Adil and Talal explained that SNKM is not a producer-rapper duo but one where they both have an equal role to play.

“SNKM is me and Talal writing, singing, and producing. We like to put all our musical ideas into one thing whether it’s hip-hop, electronic, pop, psychedelic,” said Adil. “As a solo artist I lean more towards hip-hop but I still like to musically make sure it’s my own brand of hip-hop and not standard. I like to try new things and so does Talal.”

Adding to the conversation, Talal told Instep: “Adil and I have our solo projects, he’s just completed his new album, Transcendence and I am working on creating more stuff. Regardless, we both work on each other’s stuff, sometimes he’s producing my stuff and I’m co-producing or arranging stuff for him so it goes both ways but as far as SNKM is concerned, it’s a superpower which can’t be defined.”

Talal also explained that apart from solo projects and SNKM, the two artists are also writing for other people as well. “We have our solo stuff coming out soon and we have SNKM and we’re writing for other people as well. We’re writing pop music for other artists.”

As for Chingari, as Talal explained, “I’m not part of anything; I’ve just produced one song with Naseebo Lal.”