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Adnan Siddiqui on experimenting with roles

Instep Today
By Buraq Shabbir
Tue, 02, 18

The actor-producer shares that he can’t continue to play chocolate heroes at his age, which is why it was time to start method acting.


With a career that spans over two decades, Adnan Siddiqui has always brought his A-game to the table whether it is television or films. He continues to win hearts with numerous remarkable performances on the small screen, including the role of a hitman in last year’s social drama, Sammi. In 2017, he also made his big screen debut in Bollywood with Mom opposite Sridevi and generated great reviews from critics as well as audiences.

Like the past year, this year too has proved to be experimental for the actor who is trying his hands at some unusual roles, one after the other. While he is currently playing the protagonist in new period drama, Ghughi that has been produced under his own banner, he is gearing up for another unconventional, rather grey character, Shakir in upcoming drama Belapur Ki Dayan. The drama taps into supernatural-horror genre while the story is based in two different time periods.

“I play the dayan’s love interest in the project,” Adnan Siddiqui told Instep about his character in Belapur Ki Dayan. “After her death, I am called in the same house by the owner whose daughter is being haunted and I am there to save her. I will be seen in 10 episodes and the drama takes you into flashbacks and then in present.”

The actor recently shared an image of his character from the drama in which he is wearing a black wig since he plays a young man in the flashback scenes. Speaking of portraying a younger character, Adnan shared that he doesn’t relate to such characters anymore and that he liked his older part better in the project.

“I can’t continue portraying chocolate hero roles all the time,” Adnan asserted. “You have to accept your age and work accordingly. I think it is time I start method acting and experiment with roles. Hence, I play the characters who are my age (Ghughi, Belapur Ki Dayan) and I make sure my dialogues imply the same. You can’t fool your viewers; they know everything now.”

We asked if he will be appearing in a Pakistani film anytime soon, the veteran artist responded, “Nobody asked me to work in Pakistani films to be honest. May be because I don’t change my look and I like to do a story that revolves around my age. I am neither among the younger lot nor in the older lot.”

Speaking about his upcoming projects towards the end of our conversation, Adnan hinted at an upcoming project outside Pakistan; however, he refrained from revealing much.