Monday September 26, 2022

Melanie Lynskey reveals late Brittany Murphy’s ‘heartbreaking’ viewpoint about herself

Melanie Lynskey talks about her friend Brittany Murphy in latest cover interview

By Fawad Khan
August 11, 2022

Yellowjackets star Melanie Lynskey recently shared about her late beloved friend Brittany Murphy who thought “she had to change herself to be successful” in Hollywood.

Speaking to InStyle for Summer 2022 issue, the Coyote Ugly actress remembered the time with Murphy who passed away in 2009 at 32 due to cardiac arrest.

Melanie revealed that her late friend was also being typecast as fat one in the movie because of her body type, which impacted Murphy’s personality.

“I was friends with Brittany Murphy, and the way she viewed herself was always really heartbreaking to me – the things she felt she had to change to be a successful actor,” said the Don’t Look Up star.

Melanie went on to add, “She was perfect just as she was, but people were trying to cast her as, like, ‘the fat one,’ because when she was a very young teenager, her cheeks were a little bit round.”

Late Brittany Murphy
Late Brittany Murphy 

The Sweet Home Alabama actress noted, “People tell you that you’re a particular thing, and it’s very hard to fight back against.”

Reportedly, Brittany’s body was also ridiculed in Clueless after which she endured a drastic transformation.

Although the late actress denied any eating disorder, the recent HBO documentary What Happened, Brittany Murphy pointed out that she “had one”.

Earlier, Melanise further disclosed that she also faced body-shaming of the set of her hit movie which also earned her first Emmy nomination.

Meanwhile, the actress hoped that Hollywood could normalise all body types in the future.