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Yasir Hussain takes jibe at investigations in Dua Zahra's case

China is generating electricity from the sea and we have yet to decide how old Dua Zahra is, states Yasir Hussian's Insta story

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July 09, 2022
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KARACHI: Famed TV star Yasir Hussain shared an Insta story in which he took a jibe at the investigations being carried out in Dua Zahra's case.

The actor, known for his witty remarks, shared a meme on his social media taunting the delay in the case that has gripped the media in the last few months.

"China is generating electricity from the sea and a girl in Pakistan has got married of her choice which has cost the police about Rs 4 million so far. We have not yet concluded whether the girl is 15-year-old or 17-year-old."

Yasir Hussain takes jibe at investigations in Dua Zahras case

His remarks came in response to a recent medical board report which concluded that the girl’s age is between 15-16 years.

The family of Dua Zahra had challenged the earlier report which declared her to be 17 years old. The court had ordered the formation of a new panel to determine her true age.

The case of Dua Zahra — the girl who was reported missing from Karachi on April 16 but was recovered from Punjab later and declared that she had run away from her home to marry 21-year-old Zaheer Ahmed — has been in the headlines and given wider coverage by the media.

The girl has repeatedly refused to mend fences with her family and insisted on staying with her husband.