Thursday January 27, 2022

Prince William reminisces over conservationist legacy of first love

Prince William sheds light on how his first love helped him become a conservationist

By Web Desk
December 07, 2021

Prince William recently sat down for a candid heart-to-heart and revealed how his conservationist first-love transformed him over to her cause.

The prince’s love for the environment began during a trip to Kenya with one of his first loves, Jecca Craig.

He reminisced over how it all went down while sitting with Apple's Time to Walk audio series for their festive edition.

There Prince William was quoted saying, "I had such an amazing experience, where I got to see [Ian] darting an elephant for research purposes, and I must have been 16, 17, something like that.”

"Touching an elephant, seeing it lying there in front of you breathing very slowly, its enormous ribs going up and down, and picking the trunk up and listening to the breathing coming out of [it] in your ear - it's a really special, very privileged experience.”

"And that, for any young guy, is like: 'Wow, this is cool'. "Back then, conservation was very much a case of: put wildlife over here, put people over there. Don't let them meet.”

"And Ian came along with a pretty radical idea, which was: 'You can't keep these two entities separate. They need to be together'.”

"This is where I started to realise what the job is. A large part of it was community engagement, getting to meet people and understand their challenges."