The Weeknd addresses ‘blurring lines’ between as an ‘artist and man’

The Weeknd addresses struggles in trying to separate work and personal life

By Web Desk
August 3, 2021

The Weeknd recently wore his heart on his sleeve and highlighted the struggles he used to face when attempting to separate his personal and public persona.

The singer got candid about his struggles during an interview with GQ for their first ever global cover.

The 31-year-old rapper began by admitting the struggles he had with his singer vs personal persona since. “The lines were blurry at the beginning.”

He also went on to say, “And as my career developed — as I developed as a man — it's become very clear that Abel is someone I go home to every night. And The Weeknd is someone I go to work as.”

During the course of the interview, the rapper also dished over his desire to constantly better himself as an artist and admitted to having read ‘every single review’ no matter how biased.

He claimed, “I read every single review. I read every comment. Everything. And I like reviews, man. I like critics. Even the biased ones that are against me, I like reading it. I think it's interesting.”

“I think it's humbling, which is always great. I can now understand when you're reading stuff. Like I can see through the lines now. Between the lines... Heartbreak isn't a good experience, but it still inspires great music.”

However, the rapper admits he works hard to maintain a good work life balance and mostly succeeds at never “not briging attention to myself.”

He concluded by saying, “And I just love being in normal situations, man. It's such a great feeling. To be able to just like go on a walk and not being in a [expletive] SUV."