Prince Harry’s new memoir causing uproar amid ex-girlfriends: ‘They’re not thrilled’

Experts believe Prince Harry’s memoir is going to cause a ‘major uproar’ amid his ex-girlfriends

By Web Desk
July 31, 2021

Prince Harry’s former aristocratic circle believes the Duke’s upcoming memoir will cause a major uproar and upset feelings within his ex-girlfriends.

The observation has been brought forward by aristocrat Lady Colin over on YouTube.

In her analysis of Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir she was quoted saying, “It's going to be very entertaining and amusing.”

“I think it’s going to be one long shriek of agony, about how wonderful he now is, how terrible he use to be, how much he suffered, how unaware he was and how everybody let him down.”

She also admitted, “I understand that the Prince Of Wales is really upset about it, that Camilla is quaking in her boots because Harry might turn on to her.”

“I gather as well that the ex-girlfriends are not exactly thrilled, not exactly thrilled, but, let’s see what happens.”