Usman Mukhtar confesses of 'harassment, bullying' by female artist

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July 28, 2021
Usman Mukhtar confesses of harassment, bullying by female artist
Usman Mukhtar confesses of 'harassment, bullying' by female artist

Actor Usman Mukhtar is calling out a fellow female artist for blackmail and harassment.  

The star, who rose to fame from his role in Anaa, recently reflected on his personal experience with harassment which precisely began in 2016, when he was hired to direct a female artist's music video.

For the past one and a half year, Usman has been struggling with the mental pressures of blackmailing by the woman, not to mention, he also reported her behavior to the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency).

Despite his legal action, the artist has not stepped back. It is now Usman's anxiety and mental health suffering that has persuaded him to take the matter to social media and call out the female publicly.

Taking to his Instagram on Monday, the actor shared his detailed experience with the artist.

"I have been harassed, blackmailed, bullied online for 1 and a half year by this woman," began the actor.

“The harassment was reported to FIA. The FIA was dealing with a person that did not have the original address on their records, which is a crime on its own. Took FIA a year to find this person.”

Despite his efforts with the FIA, Usman reveals that the artist has refused to stop.

“They investigated the case was properly and they finally took her statement. But this person still does not stop!”

Acknowledging a person's freedom of speech aside, Usman details that this incident has taken a toll on his physical and mental health.

“I know that people grow and change and learn and unlearn, … I respect every woman’s right to freedom of speech and I still chose, despite my experience, to believe any woman when she comes out with accusations or claims of harassment or abuse," he continued.

Usman in a follow-up post also thanked fans for their overwhelming love and support.

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