David Beckham quizzed by Italian police after kids break law

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July 25, 2021

David Beckham had landed in some trouble with the Italian police.

In photos obtained by The Sun, the football legend was snapped chatting with a police office after David’s 16-year-old son Cruz was seen jet-skiing with 10-year-old sister Harper off the Amalfi coast.

According to law an individual must be 18 years or above to be legally able to ride a jet ski.  

"The kids are quite young. You are meant to be 18 to jet-ski in Italy," a source said. 

"Cruz and Harper had just started jet-skiing, and five minutes later the police boat arrived. David was sun-bathing and he immediately left the deck and went downstairs to deal with it.

"Both Cruz and Harper were wearing life-jackets and staying very near the yacht so it is hard to see what the problem was,

"David seemed to call to them to come back to the yacht, and they anchored the jet-ski. The questioning by the police went on for about 45 minutes although it all looked quite amicable," the source added.

However, it was smooth sailing as the police officer recognised David and even snapped a selfie with  him. 

"At one point, they asked for documents which David showed them.

"During the questioning the police recognised David and seemed to chat to him.

"They even asked him for a selfie. Then, at the end, David leant over for a friendly fist-bump and the police sped away."