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Ayesha Omar misses her mom’s ‘Daal Chawal’ after her return to Karachi

Earlier this year, Ayesha Omar paid a heartfelt tribute to her mother on her birthday

By Web Desk
November 12, 2020

Pakistani actress Ayesha Omar has recently returned to Karachi and she already misses the flavour and aroma of her mother's home-cooked food.

Taking her craving to Instagram, the Karachi se Lahore starlet shared: "Missing my mom. [I am] back in Karachi and missing the house being filled with the aroma of mama kai hath kai Daal Chawal and mirchon ka ichaar."

Earlier this year, the actress paid a heartfelt tribute to her mother on her birthday.

The Bulbulay star shared the story of her mother referring her "as a courageous woman who raised her children successfully despite financial constraints following her husband’s death". 

“A woman was widowed with two tiny children and not a penny to her or her husband’s name. Her siblings were all married and assumed that the well-to-do family she got married into, would take care of her, financially and emotionally,” she wrote on the photo-sharing app.