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Titled ‘Rah Guzar’ Sania Mushatq's exhibition shows different changing creations that translate her thoughts about life, nature and the role of both men and women in the society.

By Nadeem Zuberi
October 01, 2019

Artist Sania Mushtaq’s works reflects much of her views of the world showcased in a series of collaborations between realistic figures and compositions in a solo exhibition art Mainframe Gallery, Karachi.

Titled ‘Rah Guzar’ the exhibition shows different changing creations that translate her thoughts about life, nature and the role of both men and women in the society.

She thinks that the art and society are interlinked with each other and their proper growth is essential for the progress of society. The colours and compositions in her paintings speak for themselves.

She gives the expression in the images with the help of different colour tones. She discusses different issues regarding men and women in our society through images of various men and women in different situations and places.

The genuine spontaneity is evident in her paintings. Her brush strokes converge and fade along with various lines enhancing the impact of the paintings. Her paintings take the viewer through lanes and streets, shops and houses of the city.

She chooses places that hold stories within them. The objects and spaces have been worn out over time but each still hold a meaningful place in a grand scheme of things. They each have a role to play however small, like the tiny pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. “It's like the frame has frame in itself”.

Sania Mushtaq holds a degree in textile design. She graduated with distinction from National College of Arts, Rawalpindi, followed by BS (Textile Design). Her recent work revolves around the architectural spaces, which she recreates on fabric. Then she proceeds to do the intricate embroideries within these compositions that are symbolic of hidden meanings within everyday objects.

The form and content together interpret the meaning of her particular work. Her paintings speak about social issues. Every artwork is a search for truth and peace through the use of different medium and different approach.

Different colour scheme and symbols are used to enhance the affects of the paintings. Hence the collection of paintings portrays various messages through daily life objects and soft expressions of people’s faces.

Mostly her characters seemed to be relax and happy in their life although the surrounding shows poverty and dilapidated condition of the place.

Her work reveals her strong ideas and fortification of thoughts, which enable her to achieve the philosophical level that helps her understanding the world at large. She focuses on themes which invite the viewer to ponder and concentrate more on an issue and feel close to heart. She has chosen various issues in the current exhibition to share her knowledge and views about that specific issue.