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Amy Poehler wants to set sail as 'Below Deck' Captain

Amy Poehler joked about her nautical experience, saying, 'It would be hard for me'

By Web Desk
June 16, 2024
Amy Poehler wants to set sail as 'Below Deck' Captain

Amy Poehler, star of Inside Out 2, has revealed her surprising career aspiration: to become a captain on the reality TV show Below Deck.

In a recent interview with Cosmopolitan U.K., Poehler confessed, "I would want to be the Captain on Below Deck."

However, she acknowledged her lack of nautical experience, joking, "It would be hard for me to not be the Captain, but, again, I do not know how to drive a boat, so I feel like that would get in the way."

The actress-comedian added, "You wouldn't know at first. I'd fake it for a couple of days, I think, but then I'd get fired."

Poehler stated that she didn't believe she would survive for very long on a conventional reality competition show like Survivor.

"I would definitely, probably, get out pretty early because I wouldn't be so great at… I tend to kind of tell people in front of their back things rather than behind their back," she joked. "So I think I'd get voted off pretty fast."

Still, she maintained, "I would leave with my head high. I don't think I would leave in disgrace — I hope not! The tribe will have spoken, and I will accept the tribe's word if they want to kick me out."

The 2013 television series Below Deck chronicles the rough seas experienced by a captain and crew members while they reside and work on a superyacht during the charter season.

Over the course of its previous 11 seasons, it gave rise to a number of popular spinoffs, such as Below Deck Mediterranean, Below Deck Down Under, and Below Deck Adventure.

Below Deck is one of the few reality shows the former Saturday Night Live cast member admitted she will really sit down to watch.

"The reason why I like it is 'cause I like the job that everybody has to do," she said. "Like, I care about whether or not they turn the boat over. I want to watch them clean the bathrooms and stuff. That's what I'm into."

Poehler added, “I don't get it with reality shows where everyone sits around and there's no job, they just go to dinner. That gets me very stressed."