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BTS’ Jin to hug 1,000 fans post-military service at Seoul Fest

Jin served in military for 18 months and got discharged on Wednesday, June 12

By Web Desk
June 13, 2024
BTS Jin will perform three songs for his fans at Seoul Fest
BTS' Jin will perform three songs for his fans at Seoul Fest

Jin, the eldest member of the internationally renowned South Korean band BTS, is set to embrace 1,000 fans following a day after his discharge from mandatory military service.

CNN reported on Thursday, June 13, that the 31-year-old singer-songwriter is scheduled to make his first public appearance at the Seoul Fest on Thursday.

During this event, 1,000 fortunate fans who won a raffle will receive a hug from Jin as he would make his first in person appearance in the public.

Additionally, Jin will perform three of his songs for approximately 4,000 select attendees at the Jamsil Complex.

Jin enlisted in the South Korean military in December 2022, becoming the first BTS member to fulfill this national duty.

After serving for 18 months, he was discharged on Wednesday, June 12. Reflecting on his time in the military, Jin expressed his feelings during a livestream on Weverse, speaking from the office of BTS’ management agency, HYBE.

"It was so much fun for the last year and six months. It’s such a relief I met so many good people," he said.

The Seoul Fest marks Jin's return to the public eye, celebrating his service and his reunion with the public and fans.