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Apple iPhone 16 price finally revealed?

Tim Cook's tech giant is releasing iPhone 16 with updated display, size, camera, AI features

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May 29, 2024
iPhone 16 price may be same as iPhone 15. — Apple
iPhone 16 price may be same as iPhone 15. — Apple

Apple iPhone series' price has become the talk of the town.

Prior to the launch of the new Apple iPhone 16 series, there were a lot of guesses about its price as Apple fans were curious to purchase it, according to CNET.

Those hoping to upgrade their iPhones are likely to be eager to start budgeting right now, considering that flagship iPhones are priced in the premium range. 

Although the new iPhone 16 is expected to be released after the fall, it is better to properly search its price before.

Analysis of the new Apple iPhone 16 series’ display, screen size and new AI features have already been made public. The phone is a hype just like most Apple gadgets.

Apple iPhone 16 cost

Apple iPhone 16 price can be guessed by looking over the prices of the earlier models as it will not be much different.

The initial price of the baseline iPhone has remained consistent over the last several years despite updated features. Every beginning model between the iPhone 12 and 15 has been priced at $799 during its launch in the US. 

Additionally, the Pro devices have also remained at $999 across that time period.

Notably, a price hike took place on the high-end iPhone 15 Pro Max last year, which retailed at $1,199, which is $100 more than the iPhone models before it. Moreover, Apple did away with its lowest 128GB storage option, making 256GB the new (pricier) baseline.

Though the new Apple iPhone 16 models can be pricey because of pricier cameras but will fall at the same cost pattern just like iPhone 15 and iPhone 14.