Tuesday June 25, 2024

Microsoft Edge gets faster than ever now

Now, you can speed up your internet experience with faster Microsoft Edge's newest features

By Web Desk
May 29, 2024
Microsoft Edge getting better and faster. — LifeWire
Microsoft Edge getting better and faster. — LifeWire

Microsoft Edge, the inbuilt browser of Windows, is constantly improving.

There is good news for users who prioritise speed as the browser is getting much faster, thanks to new improvements. The company is making the browser's interface elements load more quickly and be more responsive.

You may ask what radical change is.

Microsoft is currently reworking most of the interface elements in Edge as part of its internal project called "WebUI 2.0." With the goal of speed in mind, the first update was to the Browser Essentials panel. The company announced that Edge is now 42% faster for most users.

For those without an SSD or with less than 8GB of RAM, it’s an impressive 76% faster.

Microsoft Edge is a desktop application. But many parts of it are like web pages. These include the New Tab page, settings, and side panels. Just like websites, they can be slow to load. Other browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox also have a mix of native and web-based elements.

What is next for Edge?

Microsoft is working on the Favorites panel. It wants to make it 40% faster. More updates are expected in the coming months.

In a blog post, Microsoft explained, "We built an entirely new architecture that reduces the size of our code and the amount of JavaScript running at the start. This new design is modular and uses a repository of web components optimised for modern web engines."