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Now, you can play games on YouTube

Unleash your inner gamer as YouTube launches Playables program, offers variety of casual and popular games

By Web Desk
May 29, 2024
YouTube jumps into gaming with Playables. — YouTube/File
YouTube jumps into gaming with Playables. — YouTube/File

The gaming industry is getting bigger every single day. Its share of revenue is also witnessing exponential growth.

That is why every tech company is hopping onto the gaming bandwagon. YouTube has also decided not to leave this arena unattended. It has launched its Playables program on both mobile and desktop.

You can look for Playables in YouTube’s sidebar. You can play over 75 games, from classics like chess to popular mobile hits like Angry Birds Showdown! and Cut the Rope.

Just head to YouTube’s site or app, find Playables, and start gaming. Plus, YouTube allows the app to track your progress.

Last year, YouTube dipped its toes into gaming by offering Playables to Premium subscribers. There was a small selection of games and they didn't stick around for long, wrapping up in March this year.

Tech companies have found out that offering casual games is a great way to attract and keep subscribers. Even LinkedIn could not resist the urge. It has also joined in, and their games are quite fun.

The New York Times, Hearst, Netflix, and even YouTube's parent company, Google, have all jumped on the gaming train.

However, Google launched its gaming attempt with Stadia in 2019. But it could not last long and had to shut down in 2023.