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Apple's AI iPhone can be like THIS

Tim Cook's American tech giant is in AI race with Microsoft, Google, other rival companies

By Web Desk
May 28, 2024
AI iPhone to have cutting-edge features. — Apple/File
AI iPhone to have cutting-edge features. — Apple/File

Apple is working on its own AI technology and people are curious about what it would be like if the iPhone was controlled by artificial intelligence.

Amidst a time when competitors are threatening to leave the tech giant behind in the race to form a world-changing technology, generative AI could possibly bring new life into Apple’s iPhone lineup, according to CNN.

It is a type of artificial intelligence that can give thoughtful and thorough responses to questions and prompts.

Apple is highly expected to partner with ChatGPT maker OpenAI prior to its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June. This is where it will likely display its first batch of AI tools which are coming to the iOS software.

iPhone AI features

Generative AI could unlock new levels of interaction and personalisation, though artificial intelligence has already powered some of the iPhone’s features for years. These include Live Text as well as improved autocorrect.

“We see generative AI as a key opportunity across our products and believe we have advantages that set us apart there,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Moreover, an AI iPhone could also adapt automatically and seamlessly to users. This is more likely to be based on voice, audio and natural language, along with images and contextual cues.

“Generative AI will allow the next generations of iPhones to become a sixth sense, empowering us to scan and interact with the world around us,” said Thomas Husson, an analyst with market research firm Forrester.

By embedding it through its own apps, generative AI will also likely change Apple’s whole ecosystem.