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Will Apple change the iPad's logo orientation?

Apple designer hints at possible change to iPad logo orientation in future

By Web Desk
May 28, 2024
Apple hints at landscape logo for next-gen iPads. — 9to5Mac
Apple hints at landscape logo for next-gen iPads. — 9to5Mac

Have you ever noticed that the Apple logo on the back of your iPad is often "upside down" when you use a keyboard?

Originally, the iPad was designed to be held upright, but with accessories like the Magic Keyboard, many people use it horizontally, like a laptop.

The iPad was initially designed for portrait use. But with time, it has evolved into a laptop alternative.

Hence, many users prefer iPad in landscape mode, especially with accessories like the Magic Keyboard. The shift raises the question: Will Apple change its logo orientation on future iPads?

Responding to the question in a recent interview, Apple designer Molly Anderson hinted at the possibility.

When asked about the "upside-down" Apple logo in landscape mode, she responded, "This could change." The iPad is a versatile device that is usable in all directions. Anderson acknowledged the growing preference of users for landscape mode.

The vague response suggests a potential logo reorientation on future iPads that will align them with MacBooks.

The 10th generation iPad was launched in 2022. Apple repositioned the camera to the front for optimal use in landscape mode. The change is also applicable to the recently introduced M2 iPad Air and M4 iPad Pro.

Moreover, since iPadOS 14.5, the boot-up Apple logo matches the device's orientation.

Though a logo flip might seem cosmetic, it signifies a new way of presenting the iPad.