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Apple launching foldable MacBook after foldable iPhone?

Tim Cook's American tech giant new gadget may cost same as Vision Pro headset

By Web Desk
May 24, 2024
Apple likely to release foldable MacBook soon. — Apple Insider/File
Apple likely to release foldable MacBook soon. — Apple Insider/File

Apple is reportedly releasing a foldable MacBook after the announcement of a foldable iPhone.

This revelation follows Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's prediction that a MacBook with a foldable screen that measures either 18.8 inches or 20.2 inches may be released in 2026, according to Techopedia.

A virtual keyboard could be included with the all-screen design of the foldable MacBook. The design details are still pending confirmation. Even yet, the 18.8-inch MacBook's folded dimensions would resemble those of a typical 13- or 14-inch laptop.

Although Apple wants to make a foldable screen that is as seamless as possible, Kuo speculates in a Medium article that this decision would result in a price tag close to that of Apple's Vision Pro headset.

At launch, the price was $3,500. Kuo continues by stating that the M5 chip, which is purportedly a processor that Apple is developing, is anticipated to power the foldable MacBook.

While Ross Young, an expert in the display sector, believes the foldable MacBook would have an 18.76-inch screen rather than a 20.25-inch one because of cost concerns, Kuo and Uber Media's article on X alludes to a potential 20-inch screen. He explained this in a post that subscribed X users could only access.