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WhatsApp rolling out AI profile pictures

Meta app reveals AI-generated profile photos

By Web Desk
May 23, 2024
WhatsApp unveils AI-generated profile pictures. — Photodoozy/File
WhatsApp unveils AI-generated profile pictures. — Photodoozy/File

WhatsApp is working on AI-generated profile photos of users on the app so that they will not have to worry about uploading new profil pictures in the future.

The ability to “create unique and personalised images that reflect their personality, interests, or mood more accurately than a standard photo” is being developed by WhatsApp for its users.

The AI will be given a prompt by WhatsApp users and they will describe the kind of image they want. Then, AI will make a customised profile picture based on the provided information.

The name of the WhatsApp AI has not been revealed yet but the app has already integrated Meta AI into its platform in April 2024.

WhatsApp Beta said about the feature’s impact on user privacy: “In our opinion, this feature will enhance privacy for the user profile. By using AI-generated images, users will be able to avoid sharing real photos, which can reduce the risk of misuse or unauthorised sharing of their images, although the feature to prevent screenshots of profile photos already adds a layer of privacy for this situation.

“In addition, we believe this feature can be useful when users are unsure of which photo to use. Instead of spending time, searching for or taking the perfect picture, users can simply generate one by providing a prompt,” they added.