Saturday June 15, 2024

Apple making major changes to iPhone 16 buttons

Tim Cook's tech giant is working on iPhone 16 changes

By Web Desk
May 22, 2024
Apple may change buttons of iPhone 16 series. — Apple/File
Apple may change buttons of iPhone 16 series. — Apple/File

Apple is making changes to iPhone 16 buttons.

Apple made a sizable order with Advanced Semiconductor Engineering (ASE), a supplier of capacitive buttons, which will take the place of all conventional buttons on the next iPhone 16 series, according to Economic Daily.

This encompasses the buttons for power, volume, action, and the recently added capture buttons.

The latter would serve as a record button for films and a shutter button for photos. 

According to reports, half-pressing the button would concentrate the scene or subject being photographed, and sliding the button would adjust the zoom level.

The capacitive button operates by sensing the touch of your finger, as opposed to a mechanical button that requires you to press down on it with force.

iPhone users may feel some haptic feedback when they press it, even though it doesn't move to show that the gadget has recognised their touch.

Moreover, technical difficulties put an end to Apple's original ambitions to use solid-state capacitive buttons on the current iPhone 15 series.