Saturday June 15, 2024

Northern Lights to grace only THESE UK regions today

Aurora Borealis taking over skies of UK once again

By Web Desk
May 20, 2024
UK residents witnessing Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis again. — Met Office
UK residents witnessing Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis again. — Met Office

UK sky gazers may be in for another spectacular display of the northern lights tonight.

As per the space projections from the Met Office, it is expected that the “auroral oval” will be visible tomorrow (May 20–21) and on Tuesday night (May 22–22). 

It occurs a few weeks after a powerful solar storm caused the skies across the nation to glow purple, pink, and green.

The Met Office said there is “reasonable confidence of sightings across parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland where skies are clear. Visibility could extent as far south as northern England and North Wales. Following this, the auroral oval is expected to remain quiet although confidence is lower than usual.”

Northern UK to see Northern Lights tonight

Additionally, a Met Office spokesperson told the Manchester Evening News: "There’s a chance of some aurora visibility in the far north of the UK tonight, with any viewing potential largely restricted to parts of northern Scotland and Northern Ireland. 

There’s a slight chance of capturing some imagery for those in the north of England and Wales, though it may mean taking a long exposure camera shot to capture anything."

Those of us in Greater Manchester who are looking at the Met Office's weather forecast for tonight could just get lucky. Up until approximately 6pm, cloudy skies are expected to hold, interspersed with bright spells.