Saturday June 22, 2024

Apple iOS 18 app updates revealed

iPhones, iPads, macOS to have new app updates in iOS 18

By Web Desk
May 17, 2024
Apple iOS 18 unveils new app updates for iPhone, iPad, macOS. — IDG/File
Apple iOS 18 unveils new app updates for iPhone, iPad, macOS. — IDG/File

Apple iOS 18 is set to be launched in June and is anticipated to include new updates for many built-in apps such as Notes, Mail, Photos etc.

Though the updates are not yet confirmed, following are the expected additions in them, according to Macrumors.


With an updated look along with new tools to improve browsing, Safari is anticipated to receive a prominent overhaul.

To identify key topics and phrases on web pages for offering a summary, an "Intelligent Search" option will use on-device AI technology.

Moreover, Apple also tends to further align the iPadOS and macOS versions of Safari.

Apple Maps

Apple Maps users may be able to input self-selected routes instead of being limited to the pre-selected options that Apple provides with the support for custom notes.

Whether for scenic purposes or the familiarity of a route, custom routes would let users select what roads they want to travel down.


With recordings able to be embedded in notes for recording voice memos directly in the app, the iOS 18 Notes app is anticipated to offer support.

Additionally, for displaying mathematical notation for including more kinds of equations to notes, Apple is also rumoured to be adding support.

Calendar and Reminders

A feature by the name of Reminders integration, that will let Reminders be viewed in and interacted with in the Calendar app is expected to be added.

Calculator App

For the iPad with iPadOS 18, Apple plans to introduce a built-in Calculator app. Allowing for a similar look and function across all three devices, the app will be a "universal" app able to run on the iPhone, iPad, and macOS.