Monday May 27, 2024

WhatsApp reveals customisable colour themes for chat bubbles

Meta app aims to enhance user experience with this feature

By Web Desk
May 15, 2024
WhatsApp rolling out customisable chat colour themes. — Unsplash/File
WhatsApp rolling out customisable chat colour themes. — Unsplash/File

WhatsApp is reportedly working on new customisation features in a beta version for iOS which will let users change the main colour palette of the app as well as the chat bubble colour.

From a range of five different colours, a feature that allowed beta users to select the main colour scheme of the iOS app was tested by WhatsApp earlier, according to Business Standard.

Meta app is testing a feature that allows users to customise the colour of chat bubbles within conversations in a new beta version, which is available to select users through Apple’s TestFlight app.

WhatsApp would likely allow users to select the colour of the chat bubble from a predefined set of colours just like the main theme colour option. The company is only allowing a selected few colours to maintain the “necessary colour accessibility”, as per the reports.

This restriction makes sure that the user would not select a colour scheme that could compromise the readability of messages.

WhatsApp has not yet confirmed when it plans to launch both these features to users. The company is planning to roll out the feature in a future update for the iOS app, as per a submission for accessibility through the TestFlight app.