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2000-year-old buried Roman city found in Spain

This stunning Roman find is the largest of its kind in the Iberian Peninsula

By Web Desk
May 12, 2024
Hidden Roman city found in Zaragoza. — Express/File
Hidden Roman city found in Zaragoza. — Express/File

Archaeologists have unearthed a 2,000-year-old buried Roman city in the Spanish city of Zaragoza, Express reported.

Researchers believe the city, which was used as a military camp, was part of the Roman empire and was part of the peninsula, which today comprises Spain and Portugal. The name of the city is currently unknown.

The site was discovered by researchers from the University of Zaragoza. It contains the ruins of a huge plaza surrounded by a portico and adjacent rooms, which are believed to have been used to store goods from trade and commerce.

One of the co-directors leading the research, Borja Diaz, said, “This is a find of exceptional importance, not only because of its dimensions and architectural complexity but because it is the oldest civic square found in the interior of the Iberian Peninsula to date, whose discovery will contribute to radically transforming our knowledge of the initial phase of the spread of Roman architectural models in Hispania.”

According to the layout of the city, researchers suggest that the city may have been used as a commercial hub for goods transported via the nearby Ebro River.

Some artefacts were also found during the search, which include Latin inscriptions, ceramics, and other materials.

Researchers believe the city most likely met its violent end during the Serb wars, which were fought between 80 and 72 BC.