Thursday June 13, 2024

Printing error makes $1 banknotes worth $150,000 each — check yours

6.4m faulty $1 bills floating around which can get you up to $150,000

By Web Desk
April 29, 2024
Special one US dollar bills can make your rich! Heres how. — Fox 9/File
Special one US dollar bills can make your rich! Here's how. — Fox 9/File

In an epic mishap, the United States government has announced to pay up to $150,000 to anyone who finds two $1 bills with a printing error.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing estimated nearly 6.4 million banknotes were printed with the error between 2014 and 2016.

The first batch of notes with error was issued in New York, and the second in Washington DC.

So the next time, you whip out a $1 bill, don’t forgot to check it.

How to check your $1 bills?

Usually dollar bills have serial numbers printed on them however the faulty notes have been printed with duplicate numbers.

According to the instructions provided on WealthyNickel, the bill must have a “B” federal reserve seal above the serial number.

Additionally, the report stated that the banknote must say “Series 2013”. This can be found on the right side of the George Washington photograph.

Lastly, the serial number on the banknote features a star and sits somewhere between "B00000001★ – B00250000★" or "B03200001★-B09600000★"

According to WealthyNickel, 37 matching pairs have been matched, leaving millions of these special $1 bills out there.