Friday May 24, 2024

Earth Day 2024: Google Map announces new environmental friendly features

Google Maps Australia to show most fuel efficient routes and to encourage walking

By Web Desk
April 22, 2024
Google Maps new features to be available in Australia. — Google/File
Google Maps new features to be available in Australia. — Google/File

In light of Earth day, Google Maps Australia has announced new environmental friendly features to encourage driver’s more sustainable transport choices, The Guardian reported.

The tech company will motivate travellers to either take public transport or walk to their destinations.

Australians who still intend to travel will be guided towards more fuel efficient routes. While, electric vehicle car owners will be shown car charging stations to encourage a shift towards electric cars.

The fuel efficient routes will make use of artificial intelligence to identify paths that will use the least amount of energy.

Google Map users will be given an option to specify which type of car they are driving to determine alternate routes.

The new feature will only be available in some Australian cities from Monday onwards.

Apple also added details of electric vehicle charging stations to its mapping app in 2022, though the feature is only available in some high-end vehicles in the United States.

Google Maps’ director, Andrew Foster, said that the new tools being added to the company’s navigation app is an attempt to protect the environment for deadly discharges and encourage healthy practices such as walking.

He said: "This feature prompts people to consider more environmentally friendly alternatives. And helps build our longstanding partnerships with local transport authorities to promote public transport and provide real-time information."