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Google Pixel 9 Pro: leaked image compares it with iPhone 15 Pro Max

Google to launch Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, and Pixel 9 Pro XL

By Web Desk
April 20, 2024
The first Google Pixel 9 Pro hands-on photos are here
The first Google Pixel 9 Pro hands-on photos are here

Google’s Pixel 9 series is one of the most highly anticipated phone launches of the year 2024. People are anxiously waiting for Google to release the phones into the market, Indian Express reported.

As per rumours floating around, Google is gearing up to launch not just one phone, but three phones at their annual fall showcase.

Now through a bunch of leaked images, we have first-hand knowledge of what the upcoming phones will look like.

As seen in the photos shared by the Russian publication Rozetked, from an "anonymous source," "the Google Pixel 9 Pro, is expected to sit between Pixel 9 and the larger Pixel 9 Pro XL".

In some photos, the new Google phone can also be seen side by side with the iPhone 15 Pro Max for a size comparison

The photos have confirmed that Google has made changes to its design by including a new camera bar design on the back, in addition to giving the phones a matte finish.

One image of the Pixel 9 Pro’s display shows the phone’s bootloader screen, which confirms that the new model has 128GB of storage and 16GB RAM, a notable increase from the previous Pixel 8 Pro’s 12GB RAM.