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Apple iPhone 16 camera to beat all phones with this speciality

Camera of new Apple iPhone 16 will reportedly have never-before-seen features

By Web Desk
April 16, 2024
iPhone 16 is going to have best camera. — Apple/File
iPhone 16 is going to have "best" camera. — Apple/File

Like with any unannounced Apple product, there are also rumours about the iPhone 16.

Precisely, these rumours should be treated with caution, just like any other, since projects in development may suddenly be shelved, reported Laptop Mag.

According to MacRumors, yeux1122, a Naver blog user, published information obtained from an Apple supply chain on an upcoming update to Pro cameras in connection with the most recent iPhone 16 rumour.

Apple has the potential to introduce an improved camera experience by utilising atomic layer disposition, or ALD, which could potentially resolve problems related to ghosting, light artifacts, and environmental degradation.

By precisely following the surface's contours and permitting little to no roughness or imperfections, ALD creates a surface by piling gas on top of one another and pumping away excess to allow those layers to solidify.

It implies that Apple will be able to produce extremely thin components and that coatings that lessen glare, halos, and light-based artifacts can be applied to the camera itself.

These layers can also serve as additional protective components, minimising the effects of environmental risks such as dust and grime, as well as the effect of a second, barely perceptible image overlaying the captured image — a phenomenon commonly referred to as ghosting.