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What is Joe Biden's net worth in 2024?

Before becoming US president, Biden's net worth stood at $2.5 million

By Web Desk
April 16, 2024
Joe Biden will be seen in a rematch with Donald Trump. — AFP/File
Joe Biden will be seen in a rematch with Donald Trump. — AFP/File

Joe Biden is the 46th United States president who will be seen in a faceoff with former president Donald Trump for the upcoming US elections 2024, Banking Rates reported.

A member of the Democratic party, he served as the vice president during Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House from 2009 to 2017.

Later in 2020, he became the 46th President of the United States after defeating Donald Trump.

According to Forbes, at the end of 2017, Biden’s net worth was an estimated $2.5 million, with the majority of that tied to his Delaware home and his federal pension.

In the next four years, until he became the president, he earned $17.3 million.

Currently, his net worth stands at about $10 million, as per Forbes.

But as compared to Trump, much of Biden’s fortune does not come from family business, but rather comes from real estate. The president owns two homes in Delaware worth an estimated $7 million combined.

With an annual salary of $400,000, according to, Biden is definitely not "middle class" as he portrays himself to be.

As per Biden and first lady Jill’s tax returns for the year 2023, they earned $619,976, which includes incomes from their salaries and pensions.