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Nasa finds unidentified object speeding Moon

Nasa's discovery can be alien around Moon

By Web Desk
April 09, 2024
Strange object found by Nasa speeding around Moon. — Nasa/File
Strange object found by Nasa speeding around Moon. — Nasa/File

A strange fragment of an object hurtling over the lunar surface of the Moon was observed by Nasa's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter last month.

Moreover, there is a completely human explanation for the lunar apparition, thus it turns out that we are not witnessing a UFO, or perhaps an Unidentified Lunar Object, according to Futurism.

As per a Nasa statement, it turns out that the Korea Aerospace Research Institute's Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO), also known as Danuri, which is "travelling in nearly parallel orbits," photobombed the LRO's image.

Even with their comparable orbits, seeing the spacecraft in the distance required precise timing, which is an engineering achievement in and of itself.

In August 2022, South Korea's first mission to the Moon, Danrui, was launched. The spacecraft is intended to assist in the planning of upcoming expeditions to the lunar poles. It reached lunar orbit in December 2022.

Additionally, it was utilised to demonstrate a "lunar internet," a network that can withstand delays and one day enable communication between landing objects and Earth.

It "needed exquisite timing in pointing LROC to the right place at the right time to catch a glimpse of Danuri," according to Nasa, for scientists at the Goddard Space Flight Centre.