Saturday May 18, 2024

Apple's iOS 18 is best iPhone software update

Apple's new iOS 18 will provide features never seen before

By Web Desk
April 09, 2024

A few months remain till Apple's WWDC 2024 and users are excited to see what the company has planned for the upcoming product lineup, including the iPhone running iOS 18.

There have been rumours circulating around iOS 18, claiming it to be "one of the biggest updates yet". There are rumours of significant changes to the home screen customisation and other features that we know are coming, such as RCS support in Messages, according to Digital Trends.

VisionOS design aspects may have served as inspiration for iOS 18. This is related to a leaked picture that appeared to be the iOS 18 Camera app, which MacRumors first published.

It has now been discovered, though, that the photograph may not be authentic.

New possible camera layout on iPhones after iOS 18 update. — Macrumours/File
New possible camera layout on iPhones after iOS 18 update. — Macrumours/File

Despite the possibility that the initial "leak" was bogus, users would adore seeing the new iOS adopt a visionOS-style appearance. Many users enjoyed brief experience with the Apple Vision Pro, particularly Apple's software design, even if they decided not to purchase one when they tested it out at a local Apple Store.

Additionally, it has a little amount of depth, at least more than what's there on iOS right now, and users are also likely to adore the rounded corners of the pop-up boxes and alerts. Compared to the current iOS design, it has a more intriguing visual style.