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Discover the best apps for witnessing Solar Eclipse

These are four must-have apps for your viewing experience

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April 07, 2024
These are top apps to view total solar eclipse 2024. — DNYUZ
These are top apps to view total solar eclipse 2024. — DNYUZ

Are you ready for the awe-inspiring spectacle of the total solar eclipse 2024 sweeping across Mexico, the United States, and Canada on April 8?

The total solar eclipse has skywatchers buzzing. Whether you are lucky enough to be in the path of totality or just curious, there are apps to enhance your experience.

Planning Your Eclipse Adventure:

  • The Eclipse App:

The Eclipse App is a user-friendly tool with a clean design.

This sleek app shows eclipse duration for any location. Plus, it uncovers cool local events like themed brewery celebrations. A paid version offers weather forecasts and a countdown timer.

For instance, in Burlington, Vermont, you can join the "Total Eclipse at the Hearth" event at the Burlington Hearth & Brewery. The app is free, but a $3 upgrade offers cloud forecasts and a precise countdown to the eclipse.

  • Totality:

This free app boasts a unique and clear map of the eclipse path. See how complete the eclipse will be from your location, or find the closest point of totality for an epic view. It also offers safety tips, eclipse types explained, and classroom activities.

Learning and Sharing

  • OneEclipse:

OneEclipse has a retro design and offers a basic map feature to visualise the eclipse from the user's location. It also features safety guides, eclipse glass recycling information, and a way to share your eclipse story with a non-profit astronomy organisation. A portion of the app's cost goes towards their programs.

So, if you prefer a more straightforward app with a charitable twist, consider OneEclipse.

  • Total Solar Eclipse:

While not an app in the traditional sense, Total Solar Eclipse is a hub of useful links to content on the Exploratorium website. Access safety advice, viewing tips, and educational resources about eclipses, all in one place.

All these apps are available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Choose the one that suits your needs and enjoy the celestial spectacle safely and informatively.

So download an app, grab your special glasses. Remember that safety is first.