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Watch Solar Eclipse without glasses following this way

Millions of people will experience celestial event on April 8

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March 30, 2024
Solar Eclipse can be watched without glasses through simple way. — Vecteezy/File
Solar Eclipse can be watched without glasses through simple way. — Vecteezy/File

When the sky darkens during a Total Solar Eclipse on April 8, millions of people along a narrow band in North America will look up.

However, safety is key, when they do, according to AP.

Permanent eye damage can occur if people will be staring directly at the sun during a Solar Eclipse at any time.

The period of total darkness when the moon completely covers the sun and during totality, only then the eclipse is safe to witness with the naked eye.

Sunglasses are not protective enough, and binoculars and telescopes without a proper solar filter can magnify light from the sun, making them unsafe.

Eclipse glasses should be bought from a reputable vendor by those eager to experience the eclipse.

But if you don’t have eclipse glasses, you can still enjoy the celestial event through indirect ways such as making a pinhole projector using household materials.

Through a piece of cardstock or cardboard, poke a hole, hold it up during the eclipse and look down to see a partial crescent projected below.

A similar effect will be produced by holding up a colander or a cracker.

Another trick includes, under a shady tree, peering at the ground can yield crescent shadows as the sunlight filters through branches and leaves.

Viewing the eclipse through a phone camera has been warned by the experts.

A phone’s digital components can also be damaged by the sun’s bright rays.

Disclamer: We strongly advise that people buy the eclipse glasses.