Tuesday April 16, 2024

WhatsApp's latest update surprises users

Meta app's new feature draws attention to call type more clearly

By Web Desk
March 28, 2024
WhatsApp rolls out tweaked interface for calling screens. — Unsplash/File
WhatsApp rolls out tweaked interface for calling screens. — Unsplash/File

A tweaked interface for the calling screen is being released by WhatsApp and is accessible to a selected group of beta testers.

This is intended to draw attention to the call type more clearly, emphasising that it is end-to-end encrypted. There is also a new button on the bottom sheet that allows you to easily add other participants to the call, according to WABetaInfo.

It seems that WhatsApp is currently trying to make this screen even better by adjusting the interface and boosting specific components to make the user experience better.

WhatsApp is adding a new minimise button to replace the back shortcut, improving the feature's usability and navigation during talks.

The minimise button provides a more user-friendly way to depart the call screen than the back button, even though they are both for the same goal.

This update resolves a common user complaint in which pressing the back button was inadvertently interpreted by ending the call.

WhatsApp addresses this problem by introducing the minimise button, which gives users an obvious method to leave the call screen without ending the current call.

WhatsApp streamlines user interaction inside the calling interface by substituting a more natural back shortcut.

Additionally, WhatsApp embeds such buttons into unique forms to contrast with the calling screen's background, ensuring that they are always visible and distinctive.