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What major upgrades you expect in iPhone 16? Leaked dummy units reveal exciting changes

What to expect in iPhone 16: Big screen upgrades and sleeker design unveiled

By Web Desk
March 28, 2024
iPhone 16 series leaks tease exciting changes ahead. — Weibo
 iPhone 16 series leaks tease exciting changes ahead. — Weibo 

If you are excited about the upcoming iPhone 16, you will love these new leaks of the upcoming series making rounds on the internet.

The new leaks show significant changes to Apple's upcoming models. The leaks, shared on social media, give us an idea of what is in store for us later this year.

Bigger screens, smarter design

  • Display sizes: The iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max are being rumoured to feature larger displays, growing to 6.3 and 6.9 inches, respectively.
  • Slimmer bezels: The new changes mean more screen space for users without making the phones bulkier, thanks to slimmer bezels.

New features for everyone

  • Action Button: Across all models, there's talk of introducing an Action button, replacing the Ring/Silent switch.
  • Capture Button: A new Capture button is also rumoured to enhance photo-taking capabilities, available across all upcoming iPhone 16 models.

Camera makeover

  • Rear camera redesign: The iPhone 16 and 16 Plus might sport a redesigned rear camera module, adopting a vertical, pill-shaped arrangement reminiscent of the iPhone 12 series.

Leak season scoop

According to latest leaks thanks to Weibo, the iPhone 16 lineup will see bigger screens for the Pro and Pro Max models (6.3 and 6.9 inches) with slimmer bezels. 

All models might get a new Action button and a dedicated Capture button for the camera. 

The standard iPhone 16 and Plus models might also get a design change for the rear camera, switching to a vertical pill-shaped setup.

These leaks fuel excitement for the iPhone 16's impending release. Though these rumours sound exciting, it's important to wait for Apple's official announcement. We should expect to learn more about iOS 18 and other Apple products at WWDC 2024 in June.