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Solar Eclipse likely to cause over 1,000 car crash deaths in April

Millions of people are going to witness Solar Eclipse in April

By Web Desk
March 27, 2024
Solar Eclipse may cause 1,000 car crash deaths in April. — Unsplash/File
Solar Eclipse may cause 1,000 car crash deaths in April. — Unsplash/File

There could be a spike in fatal car crashes during the solar eclipse in April, as per a warning by the scientists.

There were more than 1,000 additional road deaths across the US three days before and after the cosmic event, according to an analysis of the road traffic data from the 2017 solar eclipse by researchers, according to Daily Mail.

There were at least 189 each day during the week of the solar eclipse four years ago and now the average car deaths in the US each day is around 114.

Due to millions of more people being on roads as they leave their hometown and head off to cities within the path of totality, there has been an increase in driving.

More than 3.7 million people travel to one of 14 states to see the solar eclipse including Maine, Kentucky, Idaho, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas on April 8.

Amounting to about 270,000 to an estimated one million visitors, because of its prime location to view the eclipse, Texas will see the most travelers. Whereas, Indiana will welcome between 131,000 and 522,000 people.

The costs have soared, particularly in Dallas, where there was a 571% boost in hotel bookings for the days leading up to the solar eclipse, although there are still car rentals and hotel options.