Tuesday April 16, 2024

WhatsApp supercharges its animated stickers for striking impact

WhatsApp raises quality of its animated stickers for better user experience

By Web Desk
February 26, 2024
A display of animated WhatsApp stickers. — WhatsApp/File
A display of animated WhatsApp stickers. — WhatsApp/File

The well-known messaging app WhatsApp is always changing to give its users the greatest experience and a new update attempts to fix the quality problems animated stickers were having.

Although animated stickers are already supported by WhatsApp, they are only available in the WebP format, which compromises quality for efficiency. But WhatsApp is adding support for animated stickers in the Lottie format with the most recent Android beta version, promising crisper images and more fluid movements, according to Timesbull.

WebP-format animated stickers are effective in terms of file space, although they frequently exhibit pixelation when seen on larger screens. It has long been a struggle for WhatsApp users who like to utilise animated stickers as a creative outlet to balance quality and size.

A major step up in quality is shown by the release of animated stickers in the Lottie format. Since Lottie is a vector file format as opposed to WebP, stickers will always remain clear and sharp on screens of any size. This implies that users won't have to give up quality to experience rich details, vivid colours, and fluid motions.

It has been reported that compared to animated stickers in the WebP format, those in the Lottie format offer more realistic movements, vivid colours, and fine details.

Furthermore, it is anticipated that stickers in the Lottie format will have a comparable or even smaller package size than their WebP equivalents despite the enhanced quality. Users can now experience improved quality without having to worry about using more bandwidth.

Although switching to the Lottie format is expected to improve user experience, creators might find it difficult to get used to the new file format. Making stickers in the Lottie format could take more time and skill than making WebP stickers, which is a simpler procedure.

But for those who want to take their sticker designs to the next level, it's a worthy endeavour because of the possibility of improved visual appeal and user engagement.