Friday April 12, 2024

Is Gmail shutting down? — here's what Google says

"Google is sunsetting Gmail" alarming people about email service

By Web Desk
February 23, 2024
A display of the Gmail logo on a smartphone. — SOPA Images/File
A display of the Gmail logo on a smartphone. — SOPA Images/File

A recent X post claiming that Google has decided to sunset Gmail Friday sent frenzied netizens running from one platform to the other looking for genuine answers about whether the email service is kicking the bucket or it's another hoax.

The message included an email screenshot that read, "Google is sunsetting Gmail." People were alarmed that the well-known email service might be discontinued altogether, and it quickly went viral online, according to Wion.

“We are reaching out to share an important update about Gmail,” the message, supposedly attributed to Google, read. “After years of connecting millions worldwide, enabling seamless communication, and fostering countless connections, the journey of Gmail is coming to a close. 

As of August 1, 2024, Gmail will officially be sunsetted, marking the end of its service.”

The message continued: “This means that as of this date, Gmail will no longer support sending, receiving, or storing emails. The decision to sunset Gmail has been made with careful consideration of the evolving digital landscape and our commitment to providing high-quality, innovative solutions that meet the needs of our users. “

With over 4 million views by Thursday night, the message generated a lot of buzz among the devoted users of Gmail. However, other people believed the screenshot to be a scam or a fake document.

One user looked confused as he wrote, “really confused if this is real or not,” on X.

Another user wrote, “Hope they shut it down, no security or privacy.”

Another said rather jokingly, “The real reason Google is sunsetting Gmail is because AGI has been achieved internally and we all don't need to work email jobs anymore.”

The image looks to be a faked Google email from 2023 when the tech giant stated that it would be discontinuing Gmail Basic HTML view, as noted by Gizmodo.

Google swiftly responded to the hoax, posting on its official Gmail X account that, “Gmail is here to stay”. So relax, Gmail is not going anywhere anytime soon.

It only replaced the old, "basic HTML" default Gmail view with a fresh, more vibrant one. In January 2024, this modification was done.

“The Gmail Basic HTML views are previous versions of Gmail that were replaced by their modern successors 10+ years ago and do not include full Gmail feature functionality,” the previous email read.