Wednesday November 29, 2023

Celine Dion's kids already said goodbye to singer amid health battle?

Celine Dion announced her diagnosis of Stiff-Person Syndrome last year

By Web Desk
September 03, 2023
Celine Dion and her three kids
Celine Dion and her three kids

Celine Dion’s kids are being kept away from the negative implications of the singer’s ongoing battle with Stiff-Person Syndrome.

The Heart Will Go On singer was diagnosed with the rare neurological disorder last year, and has since drawn curtains on her life from the public eye, including canceling her world tour.

Despite the public retreat, she is waging through the disease with her family by her side.

She lives in Las Vegas with her three sons, Rene-Charles, 22, and twins Nelson and Eddy, 11, whom she shared with her late husband René Angélil.

Speaking to Hello! Magazine, Dion’s sister Claudette Dion dished on the singer’s current condition, revealing she is “doing everything to recover.”

She also claimed her kids are doing well in the wake of their mother’s condition. “I think things are going well, or we'd know otherwise,” the Quebec native shared with the outlet.

"We had a little 'bye bye' from them [in one recent conversation], but I think things are good,” she continued.

“[This challenge] hasn't taken a toll on them. They're in good hands, as always. Things are well. They're growing so fast – right before our eyes!"

Despite the family’s many efforts to gain an upper hand on Dion’s condition, Claudette lamented elsewhere in the interview, "It's an illness we know so little about.

“There are spasms – they're impossible to control. You know who people often jump up in the night because of a cramp in the leg or the calf? 

"It's a bit like that, but in all muscles. There's little we can do to support her, to alleviate her pain,” she shared.