Sunday September 24, 2023

Catherine Tate says being Royal would be tough: 'Nothing worse'

Catherine Tate talks about the awful life of living in the Royal Family

By Web Desk
June 07, 2023
Catherine Tate says being Royal would be tough: Nothing worse

Catherine Tate is giving her two cents on the members of the Royal Family.

The actress admits she 'feels sorry' for the Royals as she is set to launch her sitcom, Queen of Oz.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star and other publications, the producer confessed she feels it would be messed up if she were a member of the Royal Family.

She explained: “It must be awful to be constantly looked at and constantly scrutinised. I can imagine nothing worse than having to dedicate your life to the public.

“I didn’t study any member of the royal family. It sounds like an awful lot of hard work. It’s a highly fictitious creation and also, it’s a piece of entertainment as well.”

“I’m sure there’s masses of things like royal protocol that wouldn’t happen but you have to take artistic license and think ‘what works for this world that we’ve created’,” she concluded.

Catherina then went on to dish out how she met Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Variety show 2005.

Catherine recalled: “I did! It was after the Royal Variety show when everyone lines up to shake hands.